A popular Czech dish is a fried cheese sandwich. I'm surprised such a delicacy isn't common in the South. Here in Prague, there are stands all along Wenceslas Square selling the devilishly tasty treats. It's a thick slice of cheese, usually Edam, deep fried and put on a bun. I had curry ketchup and mayo on mine, complimented by a cherry Coke.

I had a nice day today walking around the city. It was supposed to snow but turned out instead to be a sunny day with clear blue skies. It was bitter cold though. We walked in the Narodni Muzeum that dominates Wenceslas Square. Pictures of that to come later, I didn't get any decent ones today. Later in the day, my roommate Matt, his friend Mariola, and I had a nice dinner. The Czech garlic soup was delicious.

Here are just a few pictures from the today:

Part of Wenceslas Square.


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